About This Station

The station is powered by Ecowitt WiFi Weather series weather station sensors. The data is collected every 10 seconds and the site is updated every minute. This site and its data is collected using CumulusMX Software on a Windows 10 Server. This station on comprised of a GW1000 WiFi Gateway, HP3501 Console, WS68 Anemometer and Solar Sensor, WH40 Rain Gauge, WH32 Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Several WH31 Indoor Temperature and Humidity Sensors, WH51 Soil Moisture Sensor, and WH57 Lightning Detection Sensor. Anemometer readings are slightly off due to excessive trees in the area surounding the sensor which block high wind gusts. Likewise, it is on the North East side of a hill so winds from West and South are partially blocked. This also affects solar sensors.

About This City

Woodbury is a town in Litchfield County, Connecticut, United States. The population was 9,975 at the 2010 census. The town center is also designated by the U.S. Census Bureau as a census-designated place (CDP). Woodbury was founded in 1672.

The center of Woodbury is distinctive because, unlike many New England towns, it is not nucleated. In Woodbury, the older buildings are arrayed in linear fashion along both sides of a road that stretches for over a mile. The public buildings in the National Register Historic District include the First Congregational Church (1818,) the Old Town Hall (1846,) the United Methodist Church, the St. Paul's Episcopal Church (1785,) and the North Congregational Church (1816.) The most notable of the public buildings, however, is the Masonic Temple (1839.) It is a modest, clapboard, Greek Revival Temple, notable less for its architecture than for its dramatic location, situated atop a high cliff accessed by a long flight of steps (there is a modern road at the rear.) It is visible from a distance and is especially dramatic at night, when it is illuminated by spotlights. The Woodbury Temple echoes the many temples of the Greek world that were perched at the edge of high places from which they could be seen from miles around and from far out at sea.

Originally, the many historic houses on the street were residential. In the late twentieth century they were occupied by a series of antique shops.

Woodbury is located at the southern most point of Litchfield county and the Litchfield Hills. Much of the town is located in a vally. This station is located at approximately 472ft, about 150ft from the valley's floor aprox 1mi from the center of town.

About This Website

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